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The following list is not complete, due to the usual necessity of signing a „Non Disclosure Agreement“ (NDA) between partners.

In any case, it provides a sufficiently clear image about the professional experience of the AUSTRIA4MED team.

RIMSA was established in 1936 from Mr. Palmino LONGONI. Initially RIMSA started to produce lamp-holder arms with springs for desk and office appliances. It exported its products around the world with the approval of its Customers. During the years, RIMSA developed products for medical field planning and manufacturing examination lamps and OT lamps for minor and major surgery rooms.

In 1992 and in 1996 RIMSA obtained the Certificate of "Innovation in technology" from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan concerning operating lamps "STELLARE" for laminar flow rooms and BI-ELLIPTIC surgical lamp without shadows.

Rimsa has been the designer of the world's first scialytic lamp using LED technology (patented in September 2002), Pentaled has been the first lamp without bulbs, with a completely cold light emission by high power LED.

RIMSA sells its products through worldwide network of wholesalers. RIMSA's sales network is constantly increasing and boast sales in 82 country in the world.

RIMSA remains true to its origins, over seventy years later: the first, the only and the most original when it comes to bright new ideas.

RIMSA products represent a perfect union of technological developments, an innovative design and the Italian typical quality.

An historical brand, on the operating tables since 1921

OPT is considered one of the world-wide leaders in the medical field, a result which is the evidence of management skills in understanding the clinical needs, transforming them in advanced technology.

OPT is present with their Sales Agencies all over Italy.

Internationally, OPT is present with their exclusive Distributors in the most important markets, managing both Sales and After Sales Service for any OPT product.

Since 1966 Metalarredinox is active on the italian and world market with a complete range of stainless steel products for equipping community and professional centres..

Metalarredinox products meet the requirements of hospitals, nursing-homes, factories and communities with equipment for kitchens, food and meals distribution.

Our production company is a recognized reference point in a market sector renowned for its high level of specialization and long tradition of professionalism. The final quality of Metalarredinox's products is rooted in a union of experience, craftsmanship and technology.

As well as our standard lines of production we at Metalarredinox are able to build custom-made products specially designed to meet customer needs. Our in-house planning and design department will help you to find the appropriate solution that reaches your goals.

Our production system is ISO 9001:2000 certified. We work every day to emprove our production process in order to better satisfy the increasing needs of our customers.

MOCOM Srl produce piccole sterilizzatrici a vapore sin dal 1987, anno della sua fondazione.

È una delle ditte leader nel mondo per la fabbricazione di piccole autoclavi ed è stata una delle prime aziende italiane a realizzare una sterilizzatrice a vapore essenzialmente progettata per la sterilizzazione di strumenti in studi dentistici.

Recentemente è entrata a far parte del gruppo CEFLA DENTALE.

ICOS Impianti Group, thanks to the specialization reached over the years, is a company able to enter successfully the various markets by means of its 3 divisions: Colussi Medical Division • ICOS Pharmaceutical Division • ICOS Laboratory Division.

Our Company designs, manufactures and installs high quality devices such as washers, disinfectors and steam sterilizers meant for the medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical field.

Besides having a certified Quality Assurance System as per ISO 9001 (and also ISO 13485 for the Medical Division), our products undergo a serious quality control and our competent and specialized personnel is continuously trained; in this way we aim at maintaining a high standard and at achieving our target of growing and improving together.


Ginevri is an independent company focused on the manufacture of advanced medical equipment and solutions for Neo-natal Care .The company has accumulated many years of experience concerning the complex and innovative requirements of these medical devices and how they need to be improved with the latest new technologies available. GINEVRI has invested in research and development to such an extent that the company is accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO13485 (ex EN 46001) quality standards and all products comply with the appropriate European CE marking Medical Directives.

GINEVRI 's head office is based in the industrial area of Albano Laziale , only 20 km from Rome. The company's product design and manufacturing facility is centred around our purpose built premises where assembly and testing, after sales servicing when not performed on site, logistics and all administration functions are carried out in a modern environment. Most component parts are produced in-house with the latest CNC machining centres, thereby ensuring that all rigorous international quality requirements are met.

The company markets its products in Italy through its own, highly trained, direct sales force. In addition, it is very actively expanding its efforts in the international market, which now accounts for over 35% of sales .This successful activity is achieved and supported via a qualified network of specialist distributors in more than 40 countries.

The challenge for Ginevri’s team is to support the latest developments of clinical research with completely innovative devices covering the requirements of the scientific community.

GINEVRI’s traditional range of products includes :Infant Incubators , Transport Incubators, Infant Warmers, Radiant Heaters and Phototherapy Lamps including Fiber Optic Bili Lights as well as Baby Cots, Bilimeters and Oxygen Tents. All our systems are completed with an extensive range of available accessories.

Currently Ginevri has been focusing its research on the newest technologies in the field of neo-natal non-invasive respiratory care enhancing the nCPAP ventilatory support by delivering ventilator breaths via nasal prongs which are synchronized with the infant’s respiratory flow, in nSIPPV and nSIMV mode.

The company is very proud to have launched onto the global marketplace the Giulia neo-natal nasal ventilator, in which all the newest non-invasive ventilation modes are at the disposal of the new-born, who can now be treated with the most efficient and up to date techniques applied in a gentle way.

Whilst we at GINEVRI clearly recognize the importance of a technologically advanced instrument system, we similarly believe that any product is only as good as the after sales service which supports its performance. It is for this reason that we work everyday to provide a customer support service which is designed for the total customer satisfaction.

The S.I.A.S S.p.A. Company (Italian Scientific Apparatus Company) was officially founded in 1971. The creation of SIAS S.p.A originated from a company that Libero Bonetti established in 1956.

Libero Bonetti started his business project and created mechanical instruments that were used for clinical medical examinations and medical research activities. These instruments were used by various Italian Universities, the Italian Air Force, the British Royal Air Force and by the United States Navy. Furthermore, the company also specialised in the production of research equipment for marine geology (the principle buyers of this equipment were Italian Geological universities, namely, Bologna, Trieste and Perugia).  

The company's vision emphasizes the development of high quality, innovative medical devices/equipment

The company policy is strongly directed to development of innovative medical devices and of high quality.

For this reason, the planning and development of the medical devices/equipment has been made in conjunction with the various certified research institutes and clients.

As a result of the company's policy, SIAS is one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices and equipment, especially in the more advanced areas of cardiology and angiography. In particular, SIAS is the sole European manufacturer of injectors for angiography and TAC. It was also the first company in Italy to produce a mobile system for angiography and cardiology and it is the only company in the world to produce all the components base of the room for emodynamic, that is injector, bed for catheter and angiograph

Reliability and innovation are the key words of SIAS products. They are the result of thirty years experience in radiology. It should be remembered that from 1995 SIAS certified ISO 9000.

Braincon Handels GmbH (BCT) was founded in 1992 and operates in the following business fields:

• Direct sales of radiological devices in Austria and neighbouring countries

• International medical equipment procurement projects

• IT and smart card solutions

Our synergies: Research, development and sales

In the business field Medical, we sell products by Planmed, DMS APELEM, D3A, Roesys etc. in Austria and some CEE countries.

 • Mammography equipment

 • Densitometers and devices for bone microstructure analysis

 • Radiological devices

 • Screening solutions

 • PACS systems (storage and distribution of medical image data)

 • Infection prevention (disinfection devices)

 • Integration Services (IT services)

In addition, we offer global solutions for hospitals within the framework of medical equipment procurement projects. This includes consulting, planning, tender preparation, funding, delivery and installation of equipment.

Our way: Finding solutions, take advantage of opportunities through our patented products.


KKarismedica-Hospital-Equipment is a market leader specialised in the supply of: turnkey equipment (Karismedica Arredi), medicine distribution trolleys (Karrel & Aurion), operating blocks, sterile chambers and intensive care units (Omas).

All this makes Karismedica the ideal partner for hospitals as a new and sole interlocutor for many answers in regard to the supply of one or more specific products, as well as the commissioning of a ward or an entire “turnkey” facility.

This is the reason why it relies on beauty (from the Greek word Kàris, which also means “beautiful thing”), proposition, flexibility, enormous productive capacity, logistics and the guarantee of providing immediate answers to the client, in regard to the supply of one or more specific products, as well as the commissioning of a ward or an entire “turnkey” facility.

Born from the merger of four important companies in this field – KARREL, trolley producer, CLA HOSPITAL & HARMONIE specialised in Hospital Equipment and RSA , OMAS, provider of operating theatres ready for use, KARISMEDICA is specialised in the supply of integrated services and products connected to the world of health care and medical products.

With a head office in Gattatico (RE) and a branch in Oderzo (TV), Karismedica offers an all-round personalised service thanks to thirty years of experience and the multi-sector know-how of its three divisions.

Our brand lives and grows since 1982.

Our corporate values are ethics, customer care and the continuous improvement of our products to make them more competitive and aesthetically modern.

The present name of Teknolit Flaven Ltd. is the result of the acquisition of the former company by a new group.

   Lighting technology

     We were one of the world's first manufacturers

     of low voltage and mains voltage electrified slides.

     Over time the company diversified into a variety

     of lighting applications, light bulbs, spotlights,

     headlights, transformers and accessories.


   Electrical devices for medical applications

     Teknolit Flaven produces bedside controls and devices

     for patients in therapy in hospitals, clinics and

     homes for the elderly.

     These products fully comply with

     the safety and quality requirements

     specified by recent legislation

     and national and international standards.

In 1935, Gaetano Galbiati understood that innovation, reliability and versatility were the keys of Success. Dental units of undoubted success, such as Beta (1952), Glenos (1956), G65 (1965), Sintomatic (1974), Fox, Smart ed Ego (2006), are the proof that he was in reason. Real milestones in the dental industry.

Galbiati has now almost 80 years: 80 years of experience and know-how. And it’s still a leader in the Dental market. Nowadays, Galbiati still designs not only dental units, but also praxis complete of everything, from the furniture to the laser machines, from the radiological devices to the bio-postural systems and much, much more.

The quality of Galbiati is based on continuous investments in research and development of new products combining high performances and high comfort, reliability and design at very competitive price.

Founded in 1983 by Maurizio Cipolletta (General Manager), today the company Gardhenbilance is one of the leaders in the field of design and manufacturing of medical devices.

The president of the company is Mrs. Maria Paumgardhen.

The administration and production sites are located in the industrial area of Pomiglianod'Arco (Naples) in Italy, covering a surface of 2500 m2.

Our mission is to ensure maximum comfort and best performance at proper price both for the wellbeing of the patients and the health workers.

With the help of the feedback given by representatives of different markets, Gardhenbilance is constantly improving its products and developing new ones, in order to fulfill its mission.

An important part of the company's DNA is the goal to create products which are made to work for a long period of time. This is put into practice by using appropriate materials and advanced technology. Equally important for the achievement of this goal is to ensure a "TOP LEVEL" after sales service.